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*Please read carefully before booking your session*

1. Session Fees/deposits are non-refundable. These fees will not be altered or discounted regarding children’s mood, behavior, attitude or expressions. The fee is for the time booked. With that being said, please try to schedule your session time around your children and when you know the best time of the day for them is. Have them rested, fed and clean at the time of the photos. I will bring a small treat to give to them at the end of the session (either a sucker or fruit snacks), but bring bribes if need be!

2. If you arrive late for a session, the time will be deducted from your session. In the event you need to re-schedule please contact me as soon as possible by phone 306-241-8939 or email no later than 2 hours prior to scheduled session.

3. Failure to show up for your session on the scheduled day/time will result in loss of your deposit and I will not reschedule the photo shoot.

4. All files are edited and chosen at the photographer’s discretion. Clients may not edit or alter any files. All copyright in the images belongs to Julie Schappert Photography.

5. If negligence on the client’s part (or the part of any individuals that accompany the client to the photo session) cause any equipment, props, or any of the photographer’s property to malfunction or become damaged, the client will be liable for the cost to repair or replace said item(s).

6. The client assumes all of the risks of being photographed in studio, remote and/or outdoor locations. The client waives any rights to recovery from Julie Schappert Photography for any injuries that he/she, other models or other companions may sustain while being photographed under and pursuant to this agreement that are the result of said person’s negligence or by unforeseeable circumstances.

7. For newborns it is best to have them well fed and dressed in something easy to remove. Also, it is not mandatory, but even if you do not intend to use a pacifier with your baby, they can make the session run much smoother and make transitions from one pose to another quite a bit easier.

8. Though I cannot guarantee this, I will always do my best to achieve the sleepy curled up poses for newborns. It can take time for your little one to get comfortable, so please do not schedule any other appointments within 2 hours of the estimated end time of your session (if possible).

9. Please make alternate childcare arrangements for any children that will not be involved in the newborn session. If siblings are going to be involved in the session, we will start with the family/sibling images so that they are free to do something else once their photos have been taken. If your session is in studio, please be sure to bring quiet activities (and snacks!) to keep other children occupied while we are taking the posed individual images.

10. For newborn sessions it is important to contact me within 2-3 days of baby’s birth to schedule session. If you wait too long to contact me and I can not fit you in before baby is 16 days, the classic sleepy curled up posed may not be attainable. I can credit your session fee towards a session at 6 months or 1 year if you wish.

**By booking your session you are agreeing to all of the above Terms and Conditions **