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There is nothing as sweet and as pure as a newborn baby. In the first few days, months and years of your child's life, they will grow and change so quickly. I would love to help you capture these moments so that you will always remember just how tiny and precious your baby is.

I would love to document the milestones that are most important to you from maternity to when your baby turns one year old. As a photographer, I strive to capture these moments and turn the resulting images into a work of fine art to be treasured forever. Baby photography requires a large amount of planning and an abundance of patience - you’ll be happy to know I am good at both :)

Your baby's comfort and safety are my number one priority. Whether you are interested in posed shots or more natural shots, I will always read your little ones' cues first.

It is best to book your Newborn Session within your baby's first 5-10 days, but we can certainly make arrangements if this time frame is not possible.

Newborn Sessions