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With many camera/gear upgrades and lots of learning, I am hoping that you will  appreciate the amount of work and thought and time that goes into each and every session. If you have something in mind that you do not see here on my site, please contact me - I LOVE to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. If you are a past client of mine and loved your images, please refer me to your family and friends (and visit my facebook page, like it and share it)! :)

Thank-you so much for stopping by - hope to work with you soon!

In 2012, I decided it was time to learn how to properly use my "fancy" camera, so I started taking classes. I took a course through the U of S, followed by a number of online courses and "practiced" my new skills on anyone or anything that would stay still and be patient (kids toys made for great models)! Feel free to visit my blog to see my earlier work and creative projects ( I am always striving to improve my images and provide an amazing end product for you, my clients and friends.

Hi there! That's me, Julie, on the red background. Those little people below (and my hubby, not shown) are the three main reasons I do pretty much everything I do. I have had a passion for photography and an eye for detail since I was a wee little one and love to learn or create something new everyday.

I am also an avid crafter, essential oil junkie, designer (check out my facebook page : Jules Loves Yarn) and like to spend my time working with my hands, crocheting, designing new patterns, scrapbooking, needle felting, painting, working with clay and hot gluing everything in sight. There is nothing more rewarding than when all of my loves collide (for example, designing a newborn romper, crocheting/creating the romper, then getting to snuggle and photograph a sweet little baby in said romper).